Pre-Op Instructions

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Following these instructions will help ensure a smooth and worry-free Lasik/PRK experience.

  • Wear a shirt that you will go home and sleep in with a button-up shirt over it if needed. We do not want you to go home and have to pull a shirt over your head which risks bumping your eye.
  • Patients should dress to be comfortable and warm. The Laser room is maintained between 65-72 degrees with controlled humidity.
  • Please wash your face thoroughly before arriving at the office. Please remove all eye makeup paying special attention to removing ALL MASCARA (we do not want mascara under your corneal flap).
  • Absolutely NO perfume or cologne, hair spray or gel, or aerosol deodorant should be worn the day of surgery. Stick deodorant is fine. The laser mirrors are sensitive to airborne chemicals which bypass the scrubber system depositing on the reflective surfaces of the lenses inside the laser.
  • Arrange for someone to drive you home after surgery. YOU WILL NOT BE PERMITTED TO DRIVE YOURSELF. You will be given a Valium immediately following the procedure to ensure that you rest.
  • Discontinue contact lenses prior to the pre-op examination as directed by your surgeon. These are to remain out until surgery.
  • You may eat before the procedure. Excessive caffeine is not recommended in that it may cause anxiety.
  • You SHOULD take all routine medications the morning of surgery as usual unless otherwise instructed.
  • Please do not bring cell phones or valuables with you to surgery.