Seeing is Believing

“Seeing is Believing” Lasik Giveaway Contest

Congratulations to our winner, Seth Freeman!

Why do you want lasik surgery?: I try and live a very active and fulfilling lifestyle, to better myself and my health. I currently have prescription glasses that I use daily. I feel Lasik could enhance my vision even better, to where in some cases I’m not able to wear my glasses. I try and spend as much time with my wife and daughter outside, and sometimes glasses can’t be a part of the activities we enjoy outside. Whether it’s running at Craighead or biking around the neighborhood. I would love the chance to have that opportunity of being able to have clear vision without glasses, while we spend our time outdoors and promote a healthy lifestyle. I would also love to be an advocate for southern eye associates and describe what Lasik did for me and can for the many folks that maybe hesitant about the surgery. I have spent a lot of time researching and know without a doubt this would have many benefits for me now and the years to come. – Seth Freeman